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Airports and Bus Stations

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Airports and Bus Stations can be magnets for insects, parasites and other pests. Thousands of travelers can pass through these facilities on any given day and where there are people, there will almost certainly be bugs. Insects and parasites can hitchhike in bags, suitcases and clothing. At the same time, other bugs like cockroaches will be attracted to food outlets and crumbs left behind by workers and travelers.Crush Bugs has the experience and knowledge to implement an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program for the special needs of airports and bus stations. Our pest control services will be performed in a manner that will ensure the health and general well being of the traveling public and airport and bus personnel.

We’ll address the abatement of indoor populations of rodents, insects, arachnids, and other arthropods as well as outdoor populations of potentially indoor-infesting species. EPC also has the people and skills to deal with outdoor pests such as birds, bats, snakes, and all other vertebrates. Since airports and bus stations often operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we can arrange a plan to meet any facility’s demanding schedule. Call us today for your FREE, no-obligation inspection at (954)378-8162. Remember: JOHN 3:16 (0000).

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