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Ants That Live Inside Your Home

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Ants That Live Inside Your Home

Ants might be one of the toughest pests to get rid of especially if they nest inside your home. There are certain types of ants that invade your home mainly for food and shelter in wood. There are procedures and treatments such as bait treatments that can be used to control ants. Once the ants are nested inside your home it can become a big problem.

If this happens, it is recommended that you consult with a professional pest control technician to help you solve your problem.

Types of ants

There is a variety of ant types that will build their nest inside your home. These include:

Pharaoh ant- These ants usually nest under floors, trash containers, linens, etc. Since they are a tropical species it is common that you find them in places where it is warm and dark such as, kitchens or near hot water pipes.

Black carpenter ant- This ant will nest inside your wooden floors, furniture, walls, etc. This is why, as soon as you see black carpenter ants in your home, you should take measures to get rid of them.

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Once your home or business is infested, it can be difficult to get rid of pests. For more information about ant infestations and the measures to be taken, contact the Fort Lauderdale’s pest control services of Crush Bugs at (954)378-8162

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