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Bat Control

Bat Control-Bats are dominant in dark places like the attic. Some might consider sleeping in the basements, but there is nothing to worry because Crush Bugs has the necessary means on eliminating bats in a more conservative and efficient manner as possible.

Is the sound and presence of bat scares you to death? Well, who would not if you know that bats do carry rabies while prolong exposure to the bat droppings can cause you histoplasmosis? That is not to mention the disease brought by bats exclusively found in your region. However, you do not have to be scared for too long! Crush Bugs is always at your service to get rid of those unwelcome bats!

Many people listening bats produce them afraid or terrified. This reputation given by the stories or legends planted in different cultures and even more for being nocturnal creatures. However, the bat helps keep insects and bugs controlled. As well as pollination, which usually merit of bees and birds carry.They are animals that have small face and ears with long wings, rest hung upside down and are nocturnal. Like dolphins, they use echolocation to navigate, locate prey and communicate with each other. 70% of bats feed on insects and other fruit. At the time that usually is the spring reproduce because it is easier to find food and environmental conditions are in your favor. Females can mate in autumn but can prevent the male’s sperm reaches their eggs until ready.

It is a very adaptable creature and according to several studies, are distributed all over the world except the polar regions. They usually live in caves with access to water and plenty of food and safe places to hide from predators during the day. Eggs are also colonies in trees and other dank, natural and artificial shelters. They can live inside the houses: cracks in walls, attics, chimneys and other openings of buildings.

The reason care should be taken with an infestation of bats is that they can transmit a variety of diseases such as rabies. Every year more people are infected by these animals than dogs because they can bite a person while you sleep and will not feel it. They are responsible for the transmission of Henipavirus and Ebola.

If you have a colony of bats on the roof of your home or business, should take certain precautions like not touching accumulations of droppings and remove mask to avoid inhaling dust and wear gloves. If this is continuously call us to remove both animals and their nests, locating and blocking the entrance so that the problem does not recur.

Call us for Bat Control Services, we can help you with any of your pest problems, our certified staff will perform their expertise from the office to your front door 954-378-8162. Schedule online your free inspection or request your service now by clicking here.

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