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fleas and ticks control

Fleas & Ticks Control

Fleas & Ticks Control-One of the pests what we should never have at home, office, farms, among other work places, are the fleas and ticks, same that for being so small go unnoticed by the humane ye but that are only identified when they are practically assaulted us or the animals. Dogs, cats, birds, cattle, no matter what kind of animal they are they are not extent of possible and severe diseases caused by the bite of these insects. Their extermination is not easy with any home products that you might acknowledge, since they could spread everywhere at home and they are multiplied by thousands and hid in the smallest places of a building, in dusty areas, dirt or agricultural materials scattered in everywhere.

Del Valle Pest Control has specialized personnel that focuses on this type of pest, at the moment they are being identified they are eliminated in a professional and technical manner using the right home-friendly products.

There are several kind of animals that can be bearers of this kind of pest, such as rats, rabbits, squirrels, pigs, mice or foxes and when the pest grows bigger, it can only be treated by a professional technician such as ours. Fleas and ticks have the ability to reproduce quickly and move easily to pollute other places. When they have reached their bite target they can cause a lot of discomfort in your working space personnel and animals that have been bitten by them.

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