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Fleas are transported and carried onto your property and into your home by pets and wildlife. They can cause tapeworm in our pets, which may infest humans. Flea bites can cause severe irritation in humans with sensitive skin.

Quick Facts About Fleas:

  • Brownish to black in color
  • Tiny, about 1/8″ long
  • Can jump about 6″ high and up to 1′ in distance
  • Live in areas where their hosts sleep or frequent
  • Feed on blood and dead skin
  • Can live for months without feeding
  • Their bodies are flat

Habit and Control

There are several types of fleas. Cat fleas are the most common. Although cats are their preferred host they will feed on many types of mammals including mice, rats, dogs and humans. Fleas may be present even if there are no animals in the house. Because fleas can have a long pupa period, they can go months without emerging. Once emerged they prefer to live near and around the hosts sleeping and movement areas.

Important Steps In Controlling Fleas:

  • Exclusion of wild host animals. Keep mice and other small host animals from entering the structure
  • Pets, that spend time outside, should be checked for fleas regularly and treated as necessary
  • If fleas are present, sanitation and diligent cleaning is required prior to using further control methods. Any areas where pets sleep or move about must be cleaned of small debris and vacuumed thoroughly. The vacuum bag should then be removed and disposed of outside.

For permanent control, trained pest control experts are recommended!
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