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FOOD PROCESSING PLANTSFood processing, manufacturing and packaging require strict pest-management documentation. This is critical to protect your products and meet government and other third-party requirements.Crush Bugs Pest Control delivers accurate and exhaustive documentation with all our services.

Documentation programs are essential to analyze or review any trouble areas, service histories and records of all materials used on the premises. Many times, this will be the most important information that third-party auditors will examine.

Crush Bugs Pest Control draws from more than 50 years of experience of working with a variety of control measures to address immediate problems, long-term prevention strategies and third party inspection standards.

We do all we can to ensure the quality, value and safety of your products, as well as your employees and the environment. Our pest control programs for food processing facilities and manufacturing plants are available for companies from South Padre Island to Laredo. Our technicians are trained to may observe evidence of infestations that other pest control companies might miss.

Call Crush Bugs Pest Control today for a free, no-obligation inspection of your food processing facility. We can be reached at (954) 378-8162.

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