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Get Protection from Termites
Get Protection from Termites

When Does Termite Season Start In Florida?

Living in Florida has various perks. It’s a vibrant state that’s brimming with opportunity. The warm weather and proximity to the coast make it an appealing area to live in. A hot and humid environment, on the other hand, has its own set of obstacles. Termites are one of the most common issues that Florida homeowners face. Termites of many kinds thrive in hot and humid environments, and Florida houses provide plenty of food for these pesky pests. Termites are unappealing and difficult to deal with, and they inflict millions of dollars in damage each year. But don’t worry, since, in this post, you will get to know about termite season and tips to protect your homes from them.

What Time Do Termites Swarm?

Get Protection from Termites-When a termite colony gets too large for its current condition, it will swarm in search of a new source of food and a new home. Termites swarm all throughout the country when the weather warms up enough for them to venture out into the open for a short length of time.

In Florida, this normally occurs in early March or late February. If you haven’t observed a swarm of termites, keep an eye out for little winged termites in your yard. If you find them inside your home, it might signify that a new termite colony has arrived and is trying to make your home their home, or worse. It might also indicate that your house has already harbored a termite colony that has grown so huge that it is ready to swarm again.

Tips For Termite Protection In Your Florida Home

Before the swarming season begins, there are a few things you can do to make your house less prone to termite infestations. Here are four actions we recommend you take to protect your property from termites:

Repair Any Water Leaks Both Inside And Outside Your Property

Repair any leaks, dampness on the walls, or water pools in or around your home as quickly as feasible. It not only keeps mold at bay in your Florida house but also reduces the likelihood of termite infestation.

Identify And Shut Any Potential Entrance Sites

Termites may enter your house through any entrance. As a result, you must check and seal any cracks, holes, or fissures that may exist. The foundation, footers, window and door frames, and sideboards must all be securely sealed to prevent termites from entering.

Get Protection from Termites-Keep The Wood Safe

In most cases, the infestation begins with wood-to-soil contact. Termites love firewood stored against your house and any other sources of wood (outside decks, wood siding, etc.). As a result, it’s essential to keep any wooden construction at least 18 inches away from the ground. Or, even better, construct them from termite-resistant wood!

Have Termite Exterminators Protect Your Home

Get Protection from Termites-Whether you’re going to build a new home or purchase an existing one, it’s critical to schedule regular inspections and preventative maintenance. This is best accomplished by not only knowing how to prevent termites on your own. Working with a professional termite exterminator, such as Crush Bugs, provides you with the best termite protection in your home.

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