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get rid of mice
Get Rid of Mice
Get Rid of Mice-Mice enter people’s houses looking for food, warmth, or refuge. They multiply quickly and are capable of spreading illnesses. They frequently inflict damage by chewing on cables, books, and toys, getting into cabinets, and ruining food by biting on storage bags and even plastic containers. Additionally, mice excrete bacteria and viruses in their urine and feces.
Crush Bugs specializes in assisting clients in getting rid of mice in their ceilings, walls, insulation, and other areas. Our company provides a variety of humane and eco-friendly rodent control services, and we know a thing or two about how to get mice out of your house.
In this post, you will learn about some of our best mice-removal tips without killing them.

Eliminate All Food Sources

Mice only need a little amount of food every day. Remove the foods they prefer to consume if you want to get rid of them in your house. All grains, pet food, and other dry items should be stored in glass or metal containers, which keep food safe since rodents cannot nibble through them. To keep the mice away from your property, keep all potential food sources in tamper-proof bins, don’t leave pet food out for too long, and clean up all spills and messes right away.

Get Rid of Mice-Securing Entrance Points

Mice will try to get inside when the temperature drops. Use caulk or weatherstripping to plug microscopic gaps in your foundation, siding, and entrances to keep them out. Insert steel wool into vent apertures to deter entrance while not impeding airflow.

Remove Any Nesting Materials

Store all fabric, rugs, and blankets in heavy-duty plastic storage boxes to ensure mice do not access soft nesting materials. Keep in mind that mice may chew through cardboard, paper, or lightweight plastic to create nests, so dispose of your household’s recycling as soon as possible.
Additionally, take care of the outside of your house as well. Remove any leaves and tree branches within three feet of your home’s foundation, and maintain your home’s inside and exterior clean and free of rubbish.

Get A Cat

Cats are among the most efficient mice deterrents available. Adopt a cat to help keep your mice population under control. If you reside in an area where cats are not permitted, locate a friend who has one and deposit used kitty litter containers at your home’s entrances. Mice may flee the premises if they smell cat urine.
Alternatively, you may have to purchase pure ammonia. Ammonia sometimes smells like predator urine and will keep mice away. Place ammonia-soaked cotton balls in areas where mice congregate.

Get Rid of Mice-Consider Using Live Traps

Live traps can be used to get rid of mice without using poison or endangering pets. These traps catch mice in a huge box that they can get into but not out of. If you catch mice, make sure to release them at least a mile away from your house. Otherwise, they can reappear.

Make Use Of Natural Mice Repellant

Mice have a high sense of smell, which you may utilize to your advantage while getting rid of them. Consider the following natural mice repellent options:
Aromatherapy oils
Water and apple cider
Sheets of fabric softener

Make Use Of Sound-Get Rid of Mice

Ultrasonic devices can help deter mice. Furthermore, these deterrent devices are safe for children, dogs, and other animals. Purchase them at your local hardware shop and place them in areas where you’ve witnessed mice activity.

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