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How to get rid of flies and keep them out!

Keeping Flies Out of Your Home


Flies are some of the most common and annoying pests. They are a nuisance and can harvest many germs that can make you and your family sick. Taking control of these pests is easy when you have expert advice.

Crush bugs Pest Control can provide you with professional advice and services to rid your home of pests. Contact the Crush bugs technicians at 954-378-8162.

What You Can Do

There are some easy tips you can follow to ensure that your pest problem does not grow, such as:

  • Do not allow materials such as garbage or compost to accumulate.
  • Keep trash cans tightly covered.
  • Make sure that window and door screens are tightly fitted and have no holes or rips.
  • Use ultraviolet-light traps or sticky fly traps to eliminate many flying house pests.
  • Invest in Hanging glue fly traps

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If the situation is out of your hands, let the trusted pest control technicians at Crush Bugs take care of it. Contact them at 954-378-8162 to discuss your options.

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