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How to identify roaches?

Have you ever encountered cockroaches in your home or workplace?

If so, what type of roach is it? Is it a German roach? American? Oriental?

There are thousands of roaches around the world, that is why it is important to be able to identify the problem right away so we can crush ’em for you!

Lucky for you we have a list with descriptions of how roaches look like and what type of damage they can do.

German Roaches


  • Golden like color, caramel or light brown
  • Has wings but they do not fly
  • The most common type of roaches around the world
  • Smaller than other roaches they grow up to 5/8” long
  • It has six legs


Like other insects, german roaches are prone to bringing bacteria and diseases to your home. Through time they can gradually damage your property, from your books to your furniture. They can also cause Salmonella poisoning, dysentery, diarrhea and allergies.

American Roaches


  • Biggest roach of the list, can grow up to 2 inches in length
  • Distinguishable for its red-brown to dark-brown color
  • It has six legs
  • Long antennae
  • Has wings and can fly short distances
  • Eats trash, food scraps and certain plants


These roaches can come into your house from the sewer system, dumps, or open structures during the warm weather of Summer and Spring. From there they can make their way to the kitchen or bathroom, wherever they can find food and water. They can spread bacteria from E-Coli and Salmonella. When living in a humid or warm area these insects can multiply fast, on average they can lay about 16 eggs daily. This means 480 eggs a month grow to infest your home. You may wonder why you got roaches even though your home may look impeccable all the time. The reason is because they look for a humid place, food and water, something every home has.

Oriental Roaches


  • Can grow up to 1¼ inches
  • Color varies from black to a dark reddish-brown color
  • Each egg case of these roaches can hold up to 16 eggs
  • They are mostly found in the Northern part of the U.S.


If you have a large amount of outdoor plants, flowers or fruits, you are more prone on having these roaches, since these roaches are attracted to plants. Your garden and trash may make cockroach populations to flourish and get inside your house in search of food. Since these roaches consume trash and decaying organic matter, these roaches can carry e-coli pathogens on their legs and bodies from contaminated areas and then transmit them onto clean surfaces in your home.

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