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How to Treat Termites

There are several ways to treat termites. In recent years, the most common is to inject a termiticide, a slow-acting poison, in the ground around the house. The termites meander through it, getting it on their bodies in the process.

Then, when they go back to the nest and come into contact with other termites, the poison is passed around to unsuspecting nest mates. The hope is that the poison eventually wipes out the entire colony.

Another way

A different strategy is to bury bait stations in holes dug around the house. Appetizing bits of wood are placed in the stations. The stations are monitored by a pest control expert from Crush bugs, and when one or more of the stations are attacked by the termites, the bait is replaced by a termiticide that prevents the termites from shedding their skin. If they can’t shed their skin, they die.

The way that used to be most common, but is tried less these days, is to create a chemical barrier around the house by injecting an insecticide into the ground at regular intervals. The termites bump into the barrier and turn and go away, looking for safer pastures.

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