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Lawn Care

As part of our dedicated service, a careful trimming of the lawn is important and we provide a low cost service in regarding this matter.

A lawn is an area covered land planted with grasses or other plants as trefoil and used for embellish and spreading purposes. The most common feature of lawn is subject to control weeds and pests and ensure a high suitable for a good move when we walking on it. We can find around apartments, houses, buildings, parks, universities, stadiums, etc. The term lawn is used to handling a large space of grass.

So the grass must take care to have it in perfect condition. It is like a plant that must be treated every day so that it is not damaged, sick or dry. It should be protected from pests, diseases, weeds as well as climate change or the seasons. Everything is extremely bad, so when watering water is essential to know the volume required for its survival, how often should we water it, the appropriate time, and mode of irrigation (hose or automatic).

Other factors that allow us to keep it cutting and fertilization. In the case of the cut, it should make the first cut in March or April, and progressively lower its altitude to not suffer a sharp cut in the back and help to grow more vigorously. The grass is sensitive to lack of nutrients and consumes much energy, so that fertilization in any form or presentation can help stimulate growth, control weeds, replenished after each cut and damage caused by diseases, insects, fungi and trampling.

To supplement your care and have your lawns green and strong, contact us and we’ll help with irrigation equipment and equipment.

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