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Mosquito Season in Florida

Mosquito Infestation

Are you living in Florida? Then you must be facing mosquitos infestations during this season. Mosquitoes make it so difficult to spend time outdoors and have a good time. We know you can’t wait for this mosquito season to end so that you can enjoy your time outdoors. Don’t worry, we are here to help learn everything about mosquito season in Florida.

In Florida, the mosquito season depends on weather, rainfall, and temperature. Mosquitoes can not stay below 50 degrees and sooner or later they die. The fact about mosquitoes is that water is needed for them to lay their eggs.

Temperatures are mostly above 50 degrees, which means mosquitoes are usually present all year. In some areas of Florida, mosquitos are in larger numbers in some seasons. This is because, in northern Florida, the temperatures are often cooler which is why the mosquito season does not begin until early March. In late spring and summer, the mosquitos’ population is at its peak.

The rainy season in Florida usually falls between June and October, which means more mosquitoes are being born during those months. The more sources of stagnant water there are, the more places mosquitoes can lay eggs.

In southern Florida, the peak season is pretty much year-round. The climate of South Florida allows mosquitoes to thrive, so their populations do not usually drop as they do in northern Florida. Mosquitos are said to carry encephalitis viruses, West Nile virus, yellow fever, Zika, and dengue fever.

Mosquito Season-How to Control Pest?

To reduce mosquitoes populations, it is important to remove or move every possible source that may collect stagnant water like ceramic pots, buckets, cans, and containers that may collect rainwater.

Moreover, gutters must be cleaned properly roughly once a month, more often if they are prone to clogging. Swimming pools should be cleaned and sanitized daily. Due to the obvious possibility of infections, diseases, and allergic reactions from mosquitoes, it’s best to take precautions like use insect repellent and wear long clothes with full sleeves.

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