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If you’re a new or used car dealer, you have a ton of money invested in inventory. The last thing you need is an unwanted pest threatening that inventory and reputation.

Hot weather can send bugs scrambling for the shade and wintry weather can drive them inside seeking protection from the cold. Common pests seen in cars are flies, cockroaches, bedbugs, mosquitoes and ants. There is also the chance of coming across rodents and lizards in cars. A single flea from a dog can hop off a pant leg into a car and lay many eggs in a short period of time. We recently read a story about a car dealer who had to replace a brand-new car just one day after the sale because it was infested with ants. Then there are nuisance birds such as pigeons. The pesky flyers can pose all sorts of problems related to their droppings.

Obviously, fumigating an automobile with pest control chemicals can be problematic, so it’s important to keep your lot and buildings as pest and bird free as possible.

Crush Bugs will work with you and your staff to develop a pest control program tailor made for your specific needs. We’ll help you establish a pest barrier that will keep pests out of your vehicles and keep birds from roosting above them. Call us today for a free, no-obligation inspection. Our number is (954) 378-8162. Remember: JOHN 3:16 (0000)

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