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Pest Control

Pest control is a regulation that helps manage some species referred to as pests, because they affect people’s health, ecology, economy, etc. Usually the concept of pest is reduced to a species that generates damage, particularly to agriculture (plants). But in order to determine if the pest is really harmful, we must consider whether it has biological and how it will affect the ecosystem changes. They proliferate by a source of food that is usually close by allowing them to reproduce rapidly. That is why it is important at this point prevention to generate the least possible impact on the environment. Basically, it is to remove pests access to their power to reach eliminate them.

There are different types of pest control we would like to know:

  • Biological control: it is a natural treatment that does not generate negative consequences on the ecology and that was mentioned above. At this point there are three steps: importation, augmentation, conservation.
  • Mechanical control: It is a technique that uses basic equipment and components to generate natural plant protection.
  • Physical control: it is a method that removes insects and rodents, and also prevents the destruction of the plants. Generally this system is used in the home.

You need to recognize several categories of pests to take action in protecting crops or plants:

  • Potential pests are most insects in small quantities that can be found in crops. These animals can become pests when there is actual presence of natural enemies or adverse weather conditions.
  • Occasional pests are those who are present at certain times but in large quantities. As potential climate changes help to proliferate.
  • Key pests are insects that represent economic damage to crops as they are present in high populations every year. They can be introduced pests that are favorable climatic conditions for development and also their natural enemies do not act effectively. Another option is that they can be native species that have adapted favorably to crops and they become susceptible to attack.
  • Migrant pests are not resident in crops but can reach affect them because of their migrations.

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