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Rodents are one of the most careful pests to have especially in homes, since they are carriers of many infectious diseases such as rabies, cholera, hepatitis and have a great ability to reproduce, regardless of climate, place, temperatures, humidity, heights or construction class. They are present in most homes either inside, outside the building, garden, garage, workshop or warehouse, as their food is very varied with clean products or wastes. It does not matter what protection we do to food, since it has the potential to destroy cartons, plastics, paper, rubber and others. They penetrate to the homes by defective walls, bricks without joints, doors of wood and anti-mosquitos fabrics.

The presence of these rodent animals is manifested when we find excrement scattered by the places they frequent, exposing to pollution everything they find in their path through urine or their legs carrying contagious viruses. DEL VALLE PEST CONTROL has carried out different studies of the behavior of this type of pest in order that our specialized personnel carry out an effective work for its elimination, using the techniques, systems and specific menus for each type of rodent, since for being of different classes should be eliminated in different ways. Do not let the nocturnal noises produced when these rodents are in activity interrupt your well-deserved rest. Call us at the telephones of this portal and consult our technicians, who will give you an answer that meets your needs.

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