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Termite Control

Termite is an insect small and medium size, white so for this reason it is also known as white ant. Termite wings may or may not.

In the society of termites it has a similarity with ants. Within the social structure are the queen that emits hormones, which are transmitted with food and prevent termites sexually developed. The workers who represent a large number of individuals do not have wings or eyes, are dedicated to building and maintaining the termite mound, feed kings protect the eggs and find food. The soldiers can be equipped with large head and powerful jaws, and others can emit a paralyzing liquid. Both workers and soldiers are sterile termites. The fertile termites have wings, lose their wings to settle and form new colonies since their function is to reproduce. It is then that they become the kings of the new colony.

The termite nest or colony should be kept under very specific conditions of absence of light and moisture above 50%. They can live there more than a hundred termites or even more than a million of them. Most termites are found in tropical regions and built inside dead wood, which causes serious damage to buildings. While it is true, we all know that termites eat wood, can also eat paper, fabrics and carpets. This is because all these items are constructed based on wood cellulose and that is the source of food.

For termite control are a variety of products that help remove quickly to avoid affecting building structures, however, are required to hire a professional to do the proper treatment.

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