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You still need pests control during winter

Pest During Winter

What you need to know

Many people believe that the cold helps control pests, however it is a common misconception. Winter time actually means that animals will more likely look to live in warmer places or in other words your home or business. This is why winter is the perfect time for our technicians to take a double look at your home. There are quite a few animals that hide in your home in the winter without you knowing. These include rodents, spiders, carpenter ants, termites, cluster flies and more!

Crush bugs Pest Control can provide you with professional advice and services to rid your home of pests. Contact the Crush bugs technicians at 954-378-8162.

How can you prevent winter pests?

There are services and tips that we can provide you to make sure you are pest free during the winter

  • Dusting your attic – Attics tend to be warm places in homes, which is why treated it once in a while during winter can benefit you before the problem gets out of control.
  • Eliminate moisture – As much as you can fix leaks and clogs, so make sure you double check your kitchen and bathroom.
  • Rodent Exclusion – If you have entry points around your home, such as holes, damaged screens in windows, or any types of openings, we can seal them or put station traps.
  • Lastly, don’t forget that winter is the BEST time to treat your home because it will help you get ready for the spring and summer! This will ensure a preventative pest program for when temperatures rise again.

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